Urban Fusion Belly Dance


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When: April 28th 2019, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where: Third Room Art Space; 707 NE Broadway St #205, Portland, OR 97232

Mark it on your Calendar! On April 28th Amira will teach Free School’s first Belly Dancing class! Urban Fusion Belly Dancing is a combination of dance moves from both Tribal Belly Dance and Urban dances such as hip hop, liquid, and pop n lock. We will be focusing on breaking down the techniques of body isolations, and work on fluid motions. We will then incorporate them into a short choreography, and play with some free-styling!

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Amira Sereia is a tiny woodland Merfaerie from the coasts of southeast Alaska. She relocated to the mainland in Portland Oregon to study dance and art. She specializes in her own fusion of Tribal Bellydance, Liquid Dance, Ritual Theater, Hip hop, and much more.

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