Branding 101 with Tom!

Free School is oh so excited to announce our first Branding workshop with Tom Sollitt! Are you starting up an art studio but need guidance how to market it in your community? Do you need some coaching on how to find the identity of your art based service or product that you have to offer? Are you just generally curious about branding and how it relates to your artistic endeavors? Well then sign up for our workshop!

Tom Sollitt has over 13 years of experience in Branding & Marketing, in two countries, and two languages. He is currently working as an independent Branding Consultant in Portland, Oregon.

Tom Sollitt has intimate experience with the power of branding. As an international adoptee he started his life as a product to be branded, marketed, sold, and shipped. This appreciation for the power of branding has driven him to pursue projects that are meaningful. Each new brand brings another opportunity to change the world for the better.