Rhythm Crafting with Jamaali Roberts

Join us for an African drumming/instrument creation workshop! Jamaali will lead the first half of the class through a simple rhythm with different instruments. Students will learn to play a traditional African hand drum, the djembe, and shaky instruments too! In the second half of the class we will build 1 to 2 different percussive instruments from simple re-purposed materials. We will also decorate our new instruments to enjoy later and play with at home. Finally, we will come back to the rhythm from the beginning of class to play with solos and call and response techniques.

Jamaali Roberts lifelong goal has been arts education for himself and his peers. After graduating from PNCA last year in painting and drawing, he has been building a team of artists and educators to enhance the world and educate black youth.

Date: 3/11/18

Time: 2:00 pm – (about) 4:00 pm

Location: Grapefruits Art Space
2119 N Kerby Ste D

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Let us know if you are a POC or LGBTQ – you have priority for spots in classes!