Techniques in Portrait Shooting


When: April 14th 2019, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Where: Third Room Art Space; 707 NE Broadway St #205, Portland, OR 97232

Join us April 14th for our Portrait Photography Class with the very talented Renée Lopez! Renée will go over accessible photo techniques and teach students the best way to shoot in natural light. If the weather permits, we will have class entirely outside and each student will walk away with their very own disposable camera!


RenéeLopez.jpeg About Renée:

I am a Activist, Momma, Connector and Teacher.

I use my photography as a form of resistance, using my camera as a tool to document what is happening around me and in my community.

I like to focus on, and highlight Folxs of Color in Portland. I started a Womxn of Color in Pdx series in 2015, where I take portraits of these womxn talk to them find out there story and share something about them and what they do when I post the photos. I wanted to promote unity and self love, I wanted to show that Black and Brown womxn are here, we do exist, we are strong and resilient!

I love to work with the Youth of Color as well and recently was able to share my story of how I became a full time freelance Photographer with middle schoolers and was able to teach them some basics photography skills.

I just want to inspire people and show them, that you can do what you love, you just have to keep going no matter what, never give up, ever!

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